Welcome to DelPaso Films®


Professional Film services in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco.

We are a National-renowned video production company dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavors.


DelPaso Films® is a creative & serious film company based in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco formed by an intimate and passionate team of talented, creative and inspired individuals who have come from an enormous diversity of disciplines including Marketing. We use all our experience to collectively produce films with surprising concepts and engaging narratives that communicate big ideas in beautiful and inspiring ways. Our ability to cross between design, animation and production means we have a diverse skill set and are able to create work that is exciting and original and succinctly reflects your brand identity and the values you represent.

We pride ourselves to deliver outstanding Aerial Cinematography, we’re great at it because we love doing it.


DelPaso Films® is legally registered in Subsecretaría de Transporte, Dirección Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil, Registro Aeronáutico Mexicano. File MX-3-1702-006.



Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way…