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Cinematic Wedding Films in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco


With a combined 8 years of experience in film and television production, and having successfully produced more than 100 videos Nation Wide, DelPaso Films has the on-set knowledge necessary to work effectively alongside your wedding team with no risk at all. DelPasoFilms was founded in Puerto Vallarta in 2009 by Alberto Del Paso, member of Del Paso family. Alberto is a 36 year's old passionate filmmaker born in Mexico City and DGAC Licensed Professional Drone Operator with more than 8 years of experience in filmmaking Industry.


Prices 2018

We keep it simple, we only have two different packages, an 8 hour service for US$1,500 and a 10 hours service package for US$2,000. In both cases all our films are 4K quality, all of them have aerial drone shots and our crew is always a 5 people party including a Director of Photography, 2 cameramen, 1 drone operator and 1 runner.


Why this prices?

Because one person can't produce a professional film, not even two people. Our 5 people crew is always there when action happens, not only in one but in different angles while a drone is most of the time over the action. We know what it takes to get the job done in a right and unintrusive way, we are coordinated and act smart, we are always there on time to get the shot while there's always someone else taking care of the light, and an audio specialist is going to get "your vowes" in Stereo quality without rare noices...


Trying to save money could change the way you will remember your wedding day, for the rest of your lives...



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