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In the industry since 2009, DelPaso Films is the only one-stop source for those who require commercial, television or cinema video production in Puerto Vallarta. We have cinematographic equipment of our own, the necessary for a small or medium production.


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Aerial Video

Aerial Video in Puerto Vallarta

We are specialists in aerial photography and video with drones. We have SCT registration. Tens of hours of flight have made our clients love our final output.


We fly even during the rain

Waterproof drones

As leaders in video production with drones in Puerto Vallarta, we are the only ones to have a drone that is waterproof and ready to fly under all weather conditions.


Hi there, I'm Alberto, known since high school as “Del Paso”. Normally people hire me to do Aerial Video with drone, for which I have registration from the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics.

I have participated in dozens of TV episodes and many commercial videos providing my aerial shots, which I am currently doing with my mavic 4 Pro.

In addition to aerial video, I have great experience in Video production for Real estate, of which if I remember correctly we have produced about 100 videos in these years, however, what I am most passionate about is the production of Cinema and short films, where I have had the opportunity to participate in some productions as a camera operator or recently producing content of my creation.

For me the most important thing is to respect and satisfy the client, both in their time and in their needs, so my team and I help in a professional manner at all times, offering services and delivering high quality products at every opportunity provides us. I like that each client who hires us knows how to distinguish between the quality of the technical equipment we use and the Production experience we have, since in this way we always achieve better results and always reach a fair but above all correct negotiation.

I look forward to helping you along with my team in your next video production in Puerto Vallarta or wherever you need it.


Video Equipment Rental in Puerto Vallarta

We have ARRI lighting equipment, Mathews and Impact Grip, sandbags, appleboxes families and everything you need for small and medium productions.



Virtual Tours and 360º Photography, the top notch tool used by large companies in the Real Estate Industry in Puerto Vallarta.


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Video Production and Aerial Video with Drones in Puerto Vallarta